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Restless Legs Syndrome

Is Chronic Restless Legs Syndrome Keeping You Up At Night?

Restless legs syndrome is a condition that causes the need to uncontrollably move your legs. Typically it happens at night or during moments of rest and can cause a disruption of sleep or relaxation. It can be a very frustrating condition for anyone to deal with, and by analyzing symptoms our specialists can work to alleviate discomfort and get you back to sleeping peacefully as soon as possible.


Are You Dealing With Restless Legs Syndrome And Frustrated By Having No Solution?

Restless leg syndrome brings with it so many uncomfortable characteristics that have temporary releases but still happen at the worst possible times. Sensations most often occur while at rest, so whether you are on a plane, in a car or movie theatre, or any time that you are still for a while, the symptoms may begin. However, they typically occur at night and worsen throughout the evening, in the most severe cases it causes your limbs to twitch and kick throughout the night, even when you sleep, which means that they may keep you up or wake you. Moving slightly, stretching, twitching or adjusting can alleviate the sensation temporarily, but not permanently.


While physically, restless legs syndrome cannot do any harm, prolonged lack of sleep or insomnia can lead to daytime drowsiness or in more severe cases, depression. At the Vein Treatment Center of NJ, we are competent at diagnosing the initial cause of restless leg syndrome, which is typically a byproduct of venous insufficiency. We have multiple treatments that can target the deficient veins and redirect to healthier ones that can help solve the base issues.


Our Modern Vein Center Can Provide You with the Most State-Of-The-Art Vein Treatment for Any Condition

All of our treatments are minimally invasive and done within our office, and many of them are covered by medical insurance companies. We can treat your restless leg syndrome and many other conditions without any downtime or need for a hospital visit. Call us at (609) 585-4666 or visit one of our NJ locations to get more information.