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Statis Dermatitis

Are You Suffering from Swelling and Dryness Caused by Stasis Dermatitis?


Venous insufficiency is the cause of numerous conditions. Some are mostly aesthetic in nature with little or no pain, but others such as Stasis Dermatitis can cause uncomfortable flaking and swelling of the skin. There are many topical and at-home remedies along with preventive techniques to avoid and temporarily treat Stasis Dermatitis, but the only potentially permanent solution is to identify and target the cause of these conditions through one of the treatments provided at the Vein Treatment Center of NJ.



Is a Venous Skin Ulcer Causing Discomfort in Your Life?


Also known as venous stasis dermatitis or gravitational dermatitis, varicose eczema is also caused by venous insufficiency. This condition occurs in people with bad circulation and although it can happen anywhere, Varicose eczema is most common in the lower legs. People over 50 are most susceptible and tend to affect more women than men. The main symptoms of stasis dermatitis are redness or discolored skin, itching, scaling and dryness, swelling and leg ache. In more severe cases, stasis dermatitis can cause infected open sores and infection.


As with other eczema, sometimes a topical cream can help lessen some of the itching and irritation, but often surgery is needed to redirect blood from the damaged vessels to healthier ones. If you are having any of these symptoms, are seeking more permanent treatment and live in Hamilton NJ, our experienced technicians as the Vein Treatment Center of NJ can help.



Let One of Our Phlebology Specialists Help You Find Relief from Varicose Eczema


Stasis dermatitis can really hamper your day to day life, as incessant itching and swelling can make everyday activities difficult. Our clinic can help you get back to a normal life. Come visit one of our multiple clinic locations or call us at (609) 585-4666 for more information.